as i am drawn to the dark

and to sweeping willow leaves,

I am drawn to you.

Kisses in whispers

Worlds within eyes

Touches landing soft as dew

As I am drawn to the deep

And warm nights filled with storm

I am drawn to you.

By unseen thread held,

i told you before I’d break my heart every day if it meant he was happy and I could still be his friend

its killing me


it hurts so deeply and so bad

im sorry if that’s dramatic but idk how much more of it I’m gonna be able…

Avril McKinley lived a fairly simple life. Every morning, he got up at exactly 7:15 a.m. Slipping on his slippers, he shuffled to the kitchen and fried himself an egg and three strips of bacon. Then, he would sit on the couch and watch his favorite comedy show for half…

Dear Friend,

I don’t know how to say this perfectly, and it probably won’t make sense, but here I go. I’ll start off by saying the very last thing I ever wanted to do was lose her. If I hadn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. It feels so surreal, people…

-24 November, 2019-

One, blue. Two, brown. Three, orange. Mini m&m’s, rolling out onto my hand. All gone now. I’m restless. It’s all graying skies and listless fog, woeful birdsong and pattering rain. I roll off the bed into a heap on the floor. Don’t want to move. Can’t make…

Sophia Brooks

Just trying to get some of my writing out there somewhere, I'm a theatre kid, I show animals, and I have a hidden love for writing. Enjoy!

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